About Patrice



Patrice’s style features landforms, plants, and other recognizable forms along with abstract shapes and textures.  The abstract elements energize the forms and draw the viewer’s eye through the composition in a circular movement. Bold, lush, colors add impact and excitement.

“I love to savor a variety of landscapes, and my paintings invite viewers to experience what I have absorbed.  They interpret what they see through the lens of their own memories, which gives them a more intriguing and personal experience.”  




Patrice near Sedona, AZ  2018



“I do not work from photographs and never pre-plan my paintings,  Instead, I turn off my thoughts and let my subconscious deliver impressions to the canvas through the brush.”



Patrice was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the USA, where her dual passions for art and nature were nurtured. Training in both began in early childhood and continued through her 20s.

Additional degrees in landscape architecture and psychology enrich Patrice’s art and have enabled her to sometimes work as a commercial artist, landscape architect, and natural resource planner.

She began exhibiting her art and accepting commissions when 15 years old.  Her work has been represented in galleries and private collections for five decades and counting.



Patrice has traveled extensively and has lived in California, Colorado, and Italy.  Like her circular compositions, Patrice’s path has come full circle.  Today she lives beside the Salish Sea in Washington State and continues her immersion in nature and art.